Frequently Asked Questions



I need my board in less than a week, can you help?

YES! Just please contact us and we will try to accommodate as best as possible.

Does the candy move when it is shipped?

Our boards are designed and packaged in a manner that strives to preserve the design as best as possible. However, given the delicate matter of the board contents may shift in transit.

Are your boards nut-free?

We do not use any nuts on our candy boards. However, they are made in a facility where there are nuts, so we cannot safeguard against cross-contamination.

Can I request specific candy?

If you have a favorite candy or alternatively, would not like a particular candy to be used on the board, please let us know in the notes section of your order. We always try our very best to accommodate when possible!

Does the price include shipping?

No. Shipping and handling costs will be calculated at checkout and are determined based on location.

Can I order more than one board and send to them to different locations?

YES! Just create one order per board. You can always contact us with any questions.

Do you offer discounts for bulk/corporate orders?

YES! Please contact us to get a price quote.

Can I receive my board on a weekend?

No. Our boards are deliverable Tuesday through Friday. Please plan accordingly.

How long does the candy stay fresh?

While still in its packaging, the board remains fresh up to one month. Once opened, it is best to be consumed within one week.

Can I pay via Venmo?

YES! Just contact us directly to place your order.

How many people can each board feed?

CHUTE feeds 1 person, the DOT board feeds 1-2 people, the LITTLE feeds 1-4 people, the STAR feeds 4-6, the STANDARD, CIRCLE and HEART boards feed 5-10 each, and the BIG board feeds 15+ people.